Hey, stuck with a CD for a present? Don’t worry, here’s what to do!

Step 1: Complain about it with your friends.
Step 2: Try to find the receipt. A parent’s wallet or purse is a good place to start looking.
Step 3: Get yourself to the mall and return the CD. Even if you don’t have the receipt, some places will give you store credit (especially if you act real sad).
Step 4: Find the biggest pack of CD-Rs you can get for the price of the CD (usually 25 or 50). Now you’re back in charge of your music. Rock on!

What a Crappy Present

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Nicole 23 december 2003 Reageer

Ik heb de Soundtrack van Monsters Inc. voor mezelf gekocht voor onder de Kerstboom. Die ga ik toch echt niet inruilen ! Maar goed … dat is natuurlijk ook geen crapy present.

het hondje van Dirkie 23 december 2003 Reageer

Meenemen die handel! 😛

Nicole 24 december 2003 Reageer

dadoennewuh !

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