Lekker venijnig interview met Rod Stewart in de Engelse Telegraph: hij haalt uit naar onder andere Sir Paul, Sir Elton en Sting en vooral dat laatste maakt hem natuurlijk gelijk sympathiek.


Referring to his current girlfriend, Penny Lancaster, 32 (who recently said that she had once called him “Daddy”), he said: “I’m not upset by what people say, except when it’s personal. “What pisses me off is they never have a go at Paul McCartney for marrying a younger woman. “He’s 60 and Heather is 34, but they kill me because of Penny. Perhaps it’s because he has a knighthood, a wonderful little honour to be bestowed on one.”

Slapping down Sir Elton he called him “Sharon”, saying “she’s” been knighted. “She doesn’t invite me to any of her dos, the miserable bugger. Perhaps she doesn’t want competition. My hair is nice and real and looks it, and hers doesn’t. No, I take that back. He looks good at the moment, but he could lose a bit of timber.”

The London-born singer, who has sold more than 100 million albums, added: “I don’t know why I haven’t got any honour. I do my bit for charity.” He said it was “astounding” that he had never won a Grammy, America’s most prized musical awards. “They tend not to give it to the British unless you’re Sting.

“The sun shines out of his arse, a pure jazz musician, Mr Serious who helps the Indians.”

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